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Would any body help me to fix it? I really appreciate it. Cum dublezi viteza lui HTC Desire: Hi, Thank you so much for your guide. It went through nicely. My HTC got rooted. Just a quick question if anyone can answer please. Or can I just format it and use it as before? Thank you. I redid the goldcard. Somehow the numbers I got this time were different. Then I could do step 1 with no problems. I disconnected the usb cable, reconnected, waited a few seconds and did it again and now it worked great. Yes so long as it was never formatted afterwards.

Not sure try it and see.

Download HTC Desire HD Driver for Windows

You mentioned on Ag 7th.. I redownloaded the file and uploaded it here to our server instead. I too cannot find the Rooting Tools on your server. Can you please make them available. Hello, I have this problem: Hi, Succesfully made an goldcard.

TWRP for HTC Desire HD

Step 1 windows. If i push the powerbutton i still hear it connecting to the usb or disconnecting depending on on or off. The problem is now: Just updated the procedure. Start it over from Section III. The E: Sounds like you were confused about wiping but figured out how to select yes. Signature verification failed error means you need to start the procedure over run the step1 file etc again.

I have bootloader 0.

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Retried the process and same result. Dear Unlockr, it worked perfect. I really hate HTC for being so slow on their SW updates they should learn from Apple , so thanks for being part of the freeing effort!. When i perform the instruction, after step Thanks for the reply. My bootloader is still 0. My phone is rooted. The phone has a black screen with the HTC logo. I have been stuck in this state for 30 min. Hi there sorry pretty new to all this.

Will either of the tools above work on a phone from three with bootloader0.

HTC USB devices Drivers Download

I have rooted several mytouch 3gs in the past, just a little skeptical rooting my brand new out of the box HTC desire thought. What steps are the ones where things could go terribly wrong? Ha, using superboot its actually pretty tough to brick your phone. Just make sure you read the procedure a few times before you begin. Hi, I can bypass all the stages except stage I face the error message: Hi, after step 7 I have a black screen.

I hboot 0. Please help me. Hey guys ,. After alot of attempts, I downgraded the bootloader from 0. All the tutorials supports only versions 0. So I tried to search for another downgrade to bootloader 0. Now, I am still stuck with the 0. I figured out after a lot of research that the bootloader version is the reason higher than 0.

I also used unrevoked 3 to do flashing and rooting, but I ended up with a non working recovery mode it just bring me back to the fastboot mode. It seems that the batch file Step2-windows is not found in the compressed file of desire rooting tools. Could you kindly check this and send me this file. Each time while getting into recovery mode,I get the below error E: Sorry for asking this but is there supposed to be anything visable on the sdcard after creating a goldcard?

It should have whatever was originally on your card unless you formatted it, then it would have nothing.

To be honest i need help with my desire ,i havent recieved an update yet to froyo 2. Its unlocked with a 3 network boot screen only and i think ive got a slcd display on it. What would i need to do? Desire cant update to 2. I followed all the instructions I get only sound but no display on my desire.

It is unlocked.

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Read the bold writing at the very beginning of the procedure please. My Desire has a bootloader 0. This is true, you do lose your warranty when rooting a phone. I wanted to unlock the phone, on internet everybody is asking to buy SIM unlock code and enter it after inserting other operator SIM card.

In my case the problem is that after inserting the another SIM card there is no screen prompt to enter the unlock code instead Emergency Call screen is only displayed. Please let know how to unlock the phone. I wanted to place an order today. I have rooted my HTC desire but when i go to update the software, it comes up with a picture of a phone and a red warning sign.

Hi, First of all thank you for very easily understandable manual. Hi, When Desire Rooting Tool is downloaded, it cannot be unzipped. Can you check if the file is not corrupted? So im just going to take the plunge and root my Desire: I tried to update my HTC Desire 2. Posted by David Cogen. Monday, June 7th, HOW TO: Before You Begin II.

[Tutorial] Adb Driver Android 1.0 Install

Create a Goldcard III. First Name. Related Posts. I'm worried about these points: Thanks, so shall I begin executing steps from the tutorial since Linux has necessary drivers or i need something else? Can You expand the thought about fastboot? I see nothing about the fastboot in the tutorial. You do often need to setup permissions for ADB to work on Linux or kill the ADB server and rerun as root , similar to here the format is different for different versions: I don't know about fastboot offhand.

Although automated tools like that unrevoked thing looks often use both fastboot and adb as well even adb is just used to send the phone reboot commands. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Thanks for that part at this point! Thanked you in the thread as well of course. Only thing i'm wondering now after further reading the instructions is that do i need to make a gold sd card - how do i know if i do?

It seems to be optional in your instructions? D-U-R-X , scary alien and dennismil like this. No problemo at all. Guess what, all went well! Did the goldcard also. So huge thank you again!

[Tutorial] Adb Driver Android Install | HTC Desire

Now, this might seem like a stupid question at this point, but i'm really not sure after all that's been done what's the process to install a new rom? Do i just go for example: I'm very happy currently! Seems to work like a charm. Many many thanks to you! Your instructions and support were invaluable, I'm very grateful. admin