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Im still gonna contact straight talk and see what they say if I tell them I lost original sim. If nothing else could i put old sim card back in old phone and purchase service for it and then transfer it to new phone? Come to find out some areas I work at only have ATT service. But… Straight Talk will tell you no. I will tell you it will work.

Your number and balance will transfer over. After that you could use it with another carrier. And there are some differences…. Also you may be currently able to use Visual Voicemail. When you switch to the ATT network they only have regular voice mail. I will try it. I have a straight talk Verizon.

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When you are done, you phone will be on the ATT network. If the ATT network works well in your area, then you should b ok, it not find s Verizon phone. I had a ST iphone 5s. I bought a iphone 7 from them. I took the sim card out of the 5s and put it in the 7. My new phone works but sometimes my old phone works too. Even though it has no SIM card in it, it will ring when someone calls me instead of my new phone.

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Or my son can text on it I gave it to him to play games on. How do I get it to stop working? Before you order your phone, contact Straight Talk customer service and ask them which towers the phone uses for your Zip code. The only downside I can think of is that if you do not activate the phone with the included SIM, you may not beable to unlock the phone after using it for 12 months. I currently have a galaxy s4 on att straight talk and bought a lg v20 that says tmobile when you turn it on. The sim cards are different sizes and will have to buy a nano sim, how do I transfer info onto the nano sim if I can.

For now, you need to find out if that lg V20 is locked. If you can make a phone call with that SIM in the phone, then the phone is unlocked. Your current phone will stop working.

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Your new phone will start working. You should turn your new phone off and on again after transferring the SIM or service. Thanks Bob. I purchased a Verizon branded S6, used from eBay. After 2. That card or attempt ended the same way. I suppose now I am stuck switching to Verizon prepaid service. I appreciate your site and sharing of knowledge!! Also Verizon prepaid is very good.

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I bought a straight talk phone. Do you know which ST network you are currently using? Tried this and somehow my number got switched to a different carrier so now I have two useless phones. Call executive resolution and get your number back. What if my old phone broke and I got a new phone. How do I activate my new phone? You just need to follow the instructions and transfer your service from your current phone to the new phone.

You may want to make sure your new phone will use same Straight Talk network as your current phone or you may notice a difference in service in your area. Have an Iphone 6plus and want to change it to an android device. Looking for a way to expedite the process and dont see anything in the straight talk site to accomplish any ideas??? Im going to be using same SIM Is this permitted?

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  5. I bought a 55 dollar unlimited straight talk card and a Rca voyager tablet. I was told there would no charge to activate and 1 dollar for Sim card mailed to me I cannot get customer service now. Please e mail or call me so I can order the correct Sim card. And activate. My tablet.

    Your best bet is to order A 1 dollar sim online. I have ST. I did this while living in Texas which is where I still live. I moved the sim card to a newer LG phone due to problems with S3. Just moved the SIM and worked great. Great little phone. They say I can do it but will need to change my number. That is BS. I know Alaska has it,with ST up there.

    They have had up there since I tried to follow this article but When I Click Submit it acts like it will work but just darkens the screen and stays that way. Any advice or help on what I can do or say to them to help me keep my number? Did your friend already use this phone? Were you able to add this phone to your ST online account?

    You are correct on info. She used it already with the sim. And yes, I was going to try to use the sim that she had in it, but try to transfer my current number to it.

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    I was able to add the phone to my account but not active. Tell them you have that phone, but no SIM. See if they will send you a fresh Verizon SIM. Alternatively, you could contact their second tier support called Executive Resolution. The chat is who I went through for this. I will try to call them in the morning to see what I can do.

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    TY for your help. I was suggesting chat but tell them you need a sim for that phone, not you want to use the old one. My guess is Executive resolution will tell you you need a new SIM to transfer your number to that phone. I have 5 accounts with straight talk. I bought a straight talk phone in WV. I bought a new phone is MS yesterday. How can I transfer remaining minutes to new phone? Customer service says I cannot do this. I just want my remaining balance transfered to new phone. If this cannot be resolved, I will take all 5 accounts to new cellular provider.

    Thank you. Hi Hannah, You should be able to transfer your Straight Talk service from your current phone to your new phone if your new phone is eligible for the same plan as your current phone. What phone and plan are you currently using?

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    What phone did you buy for your new phone? The screens will be a little different. Also make sure you see a cellular data connection in your status bar. Let me know how it goes. I was hoping you could help me a bit. You hate contracts, and so do we. See how you can always get the best coverage for less.

    Savings calculator is an estimate only. Actual savings may vary. Getting started is easy as buying a SIM or activation code and a plan. Just tell us which network your phone uses. Have a different carrier or not sure? Shop Refill Activate Help. Shop for plans, the latest phones, or even bring your own device Service Plans.

    Refill your plan or sign up for Auto-Refill. Refill Now. Looking for help? Started by StrickOut Yesterday at 7: Android Smartphones. Laptop Tech Support. Is there a solution to jam a the camera of unauthorized mobile phone in a facility? Started by johnfernandes Sunday at 6: Moderators online. Top Bottom. Feb 7, Switch unlocked Verizon phone to cricket. Jan 23, Only display in focus nothing else. Jan 21, Jan 14, Why would friend switch SIM cards and why all the weird stuff happening.

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