Real estate phone call scripts

Would you do me a favor and ask around to see who may be looking? This script is useful for bringing an impending open house to the attention of potential buyers, while also getting your name and company information established with potential customers.

Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

I hope you can find the time to stop by; it would be great to meet some of the neighbors. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in buying or selling in the near future? If you need any telemarketing lists please consider us for your business. We have also composed a giant list of the best predictive dialers and cloud call centers available. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts. Previous Next.

Tom Ferry | Real Estate Scripts For Cold Calling And Prospecting

Are you thinking of selling in the near future? The difference between being able to make 50 or calls per day depends on the length of your script. Your real estate cold calling script needs to be fast! Asking too many questions or wanting to know what each caller thinks takes up too much time. Some people can be easily offended, while others hate all solicitation phone calls.

The Best Cold Calling Real Estate Scripts You Can Steal Right Now

Certain people are just jerks because that is what they are. You will never convince these people to do anything anyway. This script is very short to save time. Longer real estate cold calling scripts that take more time will only annoy those who have no interest in selling.

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This real estate cold calling script was created to make sense so the homeowner is not confused. This is an uncomplicated message. Cold calling to homeowners who are confused results in more time explaining who you are and why you are calling, which is a waste of your time.

Cold Calling Scripts for Real Estate Agents From TelephoneLists.Biz

You want the homeowner to understand immediately and clearly why you are calling. Most cold call recipients are distracted from something they are doing or thinking about, which can make the beginning of your call confusing to them.

Real Estate Phone Scripts for Contacting Internet Leads

The pause helps them understand that you are a real estate agent. When answering the phone, the average mind needs a few seconds to absorb the spoken words so they know who the caller is. Once they know who you are, they know the call is about real estate. Never lie to a prospective listing.

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  • Real Estate Phone Scripts for Contacting Internet Leads.
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  • Tom Ferry | Real Estate Scripts For Cold Calling And Prospecting.
  • A Cold Call Script for Real Estate Agents Who Hate Cold Calling - Become a local leader.

More than any other part of your cold call script, your elevator pitch needs to sound convincing, not rehearsed. It should reveal your motive for the call and a solution you are offering. Your goal should be to win the appointment, NOT to sell your expertise. Be assumptive and your prospect will assume you are an expert. Focus your conversation on how you can help them reach their goals, instead of persuading them that you are an expert.

Why is this real estate cold calling script so effective?

Bryan Casella is a noted sales expert whose Youtube coaching videos have helped thousands of agents improve their cold calling. Your closing is the seal of confirmation. Provide your prospect with clear instructions and a timeline of next steps.

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  • Real Estate Agent Scripts. Get Prospecting and Phone Call Scripts for Real Estate Agents.
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  • A Real Estate Cold Calling Script That Works.
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  • Expanding Sphere of Influence.

Keep your close short and to the point. Once you get the confirmation, give them your positive reaffirmation! For agents with a specialized focus or niche, however, a good cold call script can bring you appointments you would never have uncovered elsewhere. Personalize your cold call script and use it as a roadmap to guide your conversations. Set a specific goal for your call, as well as daily targets for call volume, contacts reached, and appointments booked.

Cold Calling LIVE Appointment SET

Feel free to implement the examples above in our own script and practice your elevator pitch. Aim for no more than 3 sentences in your pitch. The shorter, the better. Over time, and with practice, your cold call script will sound more natural, more compelling, and yield better results! I am the CEO of Parkbench. Confidence Preparation Enthusiasm With the right preparation and a handful of qualified leads, you can actually make your cold calling a fun daily exercise.